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Thank you for arriving at Three Dog Coaching's website.  We hope this will be an inspiring visit and you'll feel compelled engage with our coaching and workshops in support your personal and professional development.

This site describes our coaching and workshops, Three Dog's approach and the benefits to you.  If there are any of your questions that we don't answer here, contact us so we can.

Our work with clients encourages a combination of exploration, action and reflective learning.  The changes, growth and fulfillment that you seek will not come about by reading, sitting on the sidelines and thinking or talking about action. Experimenting and taking action is essential to discover what works for you.  Similarly rushing through one action after another not balanced by reflection will never take you to a place of deepest learning and the transformation you seek.

Engaging a Three Dog Coach will call you to bolder actions and to more actions than you would have tried alone.  Coaching will take you to deeper learning than is likely on your own. Our Coaching and Workshops are cauldrons for experimentation: they are safe, non-judgmental, limitless spaces where anything is possible. 

Moving forward, after reviewing what we offer, schedule a free, no obligation Initial Inquiry session to explore what our coaching can offer you. 

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We are based in the US and the UK, run workshops in both countries and coach clients internationally.