Three Dog Coaching


Gillian Squirrell

Three Dog Coaching is led by Dr Gillian Squirrell.  For over 20 years she has worked as a senior manager, researcher, evaluator and lecturer, in non-profits, research institutes and universities.  She has worked with government agencies, private corporations, public sector agencies and non-profits as a consultant and contractor.  Working as a consultant and coach with Three Dog Coaching she brings a powerful portfolio of expertise and an extensive range of knowledge and skills.

Gillian is trained and certified as a Co-active Coach (Coaches Training Institute, CA, USA) and a credentialed member of the International Coach Federation.  She has completed both traditional (MBA) and relational based leadership training (CTI).  A professional and committed coach, with a commitment to developing a range of coaching approaches and tools.  She is a certified trainer for The Bigger Game and has undertaken training using strengths based coaching and positive psychology in coaching. Gillian has worked with animals as part of animal assisted coaching.

A member of the International Foundation for Action Learning, a presenter at conferences and contributor to publications.  She has employed Action Learning methodologies in a number of UK national research projects as well as with organizations and individuals. 

Gillian has undertaken pro bono work with people in recovery bringing coaching into treatment programs creating a different dimension to treatment. 

Known by past clients for:
o intense listening
o designing innovative and interesting enquiries
o challenging stuck thinking and using powerful questions
o being deeply supportive and a champion of her clients
o helping clients stay on track by holding the bigger picture

Dr Daniel Doherty

Dan has been an organizational coach, a consultant and an academic over a lengthy and successful career.  He is a senior coach and has worked in various organizational settings with executives, groups and individuals in professional and strategic development.  Truly a cosmopolitan coach having worked in countries on most continents.  He is currently a visiting professor in Bangkok, a senior lecturer in the UK and a frequent speaker at international conferences.  Dan has coaching clients in Dubai and the UK. 

Until December 2012 Dan was Research and Ethics Director for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK.  Dan is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Consortium.  One of Dan's pioneering areas of expertise is that of narrative coaching.  He is actively engaged in researching the efficacy of coaching.