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Bigger Game

The Bigger Game

Deceptively simple, The Bigger Game is a dynamic model combining action, reflection and assessment.  It is a process which once started means people need never be stuck again.

The Bigger Game uses the model of a board game and the pieces on the board are ourselves.  The Player uses The Bigger Game board to stay focused on a project or a mission which is genuinely important and meaningful both to the Player and their community.  Prompted by the bold and powerful qualities of the nine squares on The Bigger Game Board the Player is called to move into their next action. 

The Bigger Game Player defines what for them is their own Bigger Game and uses the Board as a tool to help them keep playing.  The very act of playing can often lead to creating a bigger impact. 

Three Dog uses the Bigger Game in coaching as well as running workshops for coaches, for teams and organizations, and for members of the public.

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The Bigger Game Board