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What is Coaching ?

There are many different definitions of coaching and ways to coach.  Here is Three Dog's.

Coaching as we practice it is a powerful combination of developing deeper understanding and the stimulus to bold and imaginative action.  Coaching helps kickstart and sustain powerful change within personal and professional contexts.

The coaching we practice is not about giving advice or setting goals.  What would be the point ?  Three Dog's assumption is that the coaching client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole.  This means while the coach is unreservedly on the client's team as a prime cheer leader, the coach is going to challenge and call out the client and hold the client to account.

Coaching is both a change process and a powerful relationship. There are various tools and techniques which the coach uses with the client and teaches the client to support change.  Our coaching is grounded in practices evidenced as effective through positive psychology and neuroscience as promoting and sustaining change and well-being.

The coaching relationship is powerful.  You design your Three Dog Coach from the outset of coaching and as the coaching moves along.  You decide what you want more and less of.  More being called to account for actions you want to take ?  A bit more cheer-leading this week ?  Being heard and witnessed about something you find difficult or hurtful ?  Your coach works with your needs and wants, and keeps holding the coaching space as a place where you can explore, take risks, have insights and undertake deep discoveries.  Your coach is there to hold the bigger picture that you created and remind you of your goals and to help keep you focused.

The Coaching Relationship

It is important that you and your Coach come to the session ready to go all in.  This way the coaching relationship has power and you take the most benefit from coaching. 

Getting the right fit between you and your coach is essential and is why we have an initial session where you can explore what it might be like to work with a coach and for you and your potential coach to decide if you will both work well together. 

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