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Fail Fast Fail Often: Babineaux R. and Krumboltz, J. 2013, Jeremy Tarcher and Penguin

In life and work Babineaux and Krumboltzen encourage us to get into action and in discover that in getting started momentum builds, feedback is gathered and even if the actions were a disaster there is still learning to be taken.    Fail Fast is a way to move through the world actually doing something rather than remaining stuck in the place of keep developing and refining so momentum gets lost or it becomes too alarming to start. 

Positivity: Fredrickson, B. 2009, MJF Books

The power of positivity in well-being.  Positivity can be cultivated, for example through gratitude, through noticing where one places ones thoughts, through increasing the number of positive emotions one experiences in a day. Fredrickson argues that there is a tipping point for well-being and that is holding a minimum of a 3:1 ratio of positive to negative emotions in a day.

Positive Intelligence:  Chamine, S. 2012, Greenleaf Book Group
Working with the concept of Positive Intelligence as the number of times that positive over negative thoughts prevail Chamine argues that it is possible to increase positive intelligence by becoming aware of negative thoughts and working to weaken their stranglehold.  Ousting the negative and replacing the internal dialogue with positive or Sage voices and learning to tune into others interior voices can help with sales, relationships, workplace teams and decision making as well as individual well-being.

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