Three Dog Coaching


Deep Curiosity

Often as adults we tune down our capacity for curiosity, thinking it's more efficient to go through life doing what's asked, assuming what we've always done is best or simply wearing blinders that we somehow grew.  

One of the outcomes from engaging with Three Dog Coaching's Workshops or Coaching will be getting more curious, about yourself, about others, the world and the communities to which you belong.  Maybe you'll find you love what you have, but somewhere along the line you just zoned out on what was on offer; maybe you'll find that you want to do something else to broaden and enrich your life.

Curiosity unlocks how we look at the world.  It enables us to be at choice about how we want to experience our worlds.  Curiosity drives us to try new things, to move on with our lives, to develop new skills, embark on new ventures.  Curiosity enables us to make deeper and more meaningful connections with others. Curiosity is a surprisingly simple way to enrich  our lives. 

Curiosity is linked with empathy and compassion for ourselves and others. Curiosity is linked with intuition and working with "our gut", listening more to ourselves and not doubting or rationalizing away our tacit knowledge. Curiosity is a key to many ways of experiencing and feeling about the world that support positivity and well-being.

The Qualities of Curiosity

Deep Curiosity:

  • drives open-ended questions
  • cannot co-exist with paralysing fear
  • assumes an openness of mind and of belief
  • listens to intuition
  • promotes compassion for self and others
  • stimulates authentic empathy
  • is non-judgmental and non-critical of self and others
  • allows a re-evaluation of beliefs and positions
  • enables the development of new beliefs and positions
  • supports and sustains personal and professional growth
  • encourages playfulness and enjoyment
  • stimulates deep and authentic connections with self and others
  • enables joy and wonderment
  • helps generate solutions
  • supports decision-making without entering realms of angst 
  • enables learning
  • prompts exploration even when events, circumstances or decisions present with an initial poor outcome 
  • supports taking action and learning from outcomes of actions
  • does not co-exist with being stuck
  • is a great way to remember skills, successes and strengths