Three Dog Coaching


Three Dog Workshops

We offer five workshops which take participants through the elements of our Curiosity driven model for Aliveness and Well-being. Workshops are offered in various formats described opposite. Briefly workshops can be accessed on line and physically in the US and UK as short workshops and 2-3 day residential workshops. All workshops include experiential learning opportunities and discussions of the evidence and research which underpins the workshop concepts. Each workshop will present participants with opportunities to explore something unfamiliar to them and so extend their potential range of interests and self-knowledge. All five workshops run at intervals during the year so participants can work through each of the four quadrants of the model and spend some time dwelling in Curiosity. The Three Dog Model is comprised:

  • Deep Curiosity
  • Nourish
  • Flourish
  • Relish
  • Replenish

Deep Curiosity

Curiouser and curiouser!' cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English); 'now I'm opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! '

Curiouser and Curiouser is also what we hope you experience as you begin to step back and ask questions about the ordinary as well as open up to the extraordinary.  Curiosity is all about changing perspectives, getting expansive, getting focused on something different, making choices to spend time in more mindful ways and finding more engagement in what is around you in a quest for meaningfulness.

Curiosity is a driver for many things, not least of all for empathy, compassion and intuition.  All of which are crucial for more positive and sustainable living.  Intuition can be belittled as not being data driven. But intuition is essential in helping us know more about our worlds and what we want.  Using intuition means accessing and trusting our own wisdom, making decisions in line with our personal mission or purpose, our values and being confident in our own understandings of the world. Intuition is a healthy aspect of ourselves to cultivate and rely on. 

Compassion for ourselves and others often gets squeezed out of daily life.  We forget to appreciate the humanity of ourselves and others and forget to engage with other species.  We may not engage in kindness as often we might want and may fail to appreciate that we are part of something much larger than simply ourselves.  Re-gaining compassion and allowing it to flourish brings many more positive emotions into daily life.

Empathy, projecting ourselves into others and seeing how they may be experiencing the world is, like compassion, part of a practice that can help channel positive emotions, and develop positive or emotional intelligence which supports deeper connections with others.

Our Workshop on curiosity seeks to stimulate questioning, develop appreciation and push participants into limitlessness.  It draws on positive psychology helping participants to appreciate the importance of positive emotions in well-being.  It helps participants get curious about themselves, exploring values, internal assumptions and frames which can limit thinking and feeling.  The workshops encourage experiencing and testing intuition, lateral and creative thinking techniques when confronting decision making.


This Workshop helps participants create foundational building blocks for well-being, increased resilience and flourishing.

  • We develop knowing about and weakening the hold of self-saboteurs
  • We strengthen and appreciating inner wisdom
  • We focus on cultivating positive emotions and explore their importance in well-being
  • We practice mindfulness
  • We explore the importance of living to your individual values

There are opportunities to focus on nutrition, body work and well-being and ways to integrate various types of work and life demands


This Workshops plays with various connotations of flourish, both as bold gestures and trumpet bursts heralding a richer fuller life, and growth and blossoming based on having good roots.

In exploring Flourish you:

  • explore aspirations and dreams for your richer fuller life
  • explore self-limiting beliefs
  • work on your perspectives and find ways to change them up to ones that are richer and more resonant with your values and purpose
  • commit to action to put aliveness and richness in your life

Experiential workshops ask you to explore beyond your comfort zones and try out activities which you might shy away from.  Experiential opportunities are offered in  body work and creativity.  You will  leave the Workshop with a more expanded appreciation of your skills and opportunities which you might like to pursue.


A quadrant in our model which is all about slowing down, taking time and appreciating and savoring.  This is very much about putting the brakes on ways we live our lives, barrel through our days, relationships and opportunities.  Relish asks you to get curious about what you take for granted and step over, be they your achievements, awareness of connection to others or the world.

Relish engages you in:

  • exercises of appreciation and savoring
  • observing and looking
  • dwelling in and exploring the moment
  • body work and grounding exercises
  • owning achievements, savoring and talking about them

Relish heightens participants' ratio of positive to negative emotions taking them beyond a tipping point into positivity and extending the shelf life of positivity.


However good our intentions it takes time to internalize changes that we seek to make and put into regular practice.  Replenish is a workshop which pulls various of the learnings together, it is a reminder and  "tune up" of skills and knowledge.  

Replenish engages you in:

  • appreciation of yourself and of your distanced traveled in your personal growth
  • re-committing to actions that will continue your personal growth
  • experiential learning to feed various aspects of self - creative, body and spirit