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Developing Your Leadership and Impact

Six workshops designed to develop leadership and awareness to enable people to be more courageous about what they want to do and less riven with concerns and doubts.  The workshops develop self-leadership awareness and skills to increase impact within work, creative and personal lives and communities.  Helpful for anyone expressing their creativity, developing their business, tackling a social wrong.  These workshops develop skills of working with connection, honoring their values and increasing self-belief.

The workshops draw on neuroscience and positive psychology, creativity, awareness of body and mindfulness.  The workshops encourage focus on and commitment to individual purpose, managing self-doubt and saboteurs and turning up individual impact. The workshops use coaching tools and a range of experiential learning activities.

Outline of the 6 weekly meetings


Who's in Charge You or Your Lizard Brain ?

We will be meeting from 26th April through to 31st May from 6 to 7.30.  We will be at The Arlene Francis Center, 99 W. 6th Street, Santa Rosa, CA95401

For more information about the Arlene Francis Center see

What is Action Learning ?

Three Dog creates a facilitated and safe space where the facilitator who does not contribute to the discussions ensures the group process works.  Each Set is composed of 4-8 individuals who bring to it a genuinely complex issue to which they do not know the answer.  For example, exploring a time of transition in work or personal lives.

Each set member takes a turn as the Problem Holder.  In this role each Set member describes and explores their issue.  They are deeply and actively listened to by the other Set members.  As they feel themselves heard the Problem Holder may start to re-explore the issue for themselves, surfacing other thoughts or interpretations they were not aware of or did not make space for.  After an agreed time group members ask questions.  These are real questions, not advice or telling the Problem Holder what they would say or do in the other's shoes.  This is harder than it sounds.  Questions  come from a place of deep curiosity and openness. 

The Problem Holder listens, just listens, from a place of openness and curiosity.  They do not engage, answer, censor or defend.  In listening they sit open to what is being said.  The questions and inquiries will push the Problem Holder to reflect, perhaps to re-state their problem, focus on an aspect of or generate a solution.  The diversity of the group members means the Problem Holder will be engaging with their issue from a number of different perspectives.  The Problem Holder may also have gained insight into their issue as they deeply listen to other Set members' issues.

At the close of each Problem Holder's time talking about their issue they will, in light of what has been said, formulate some actions they want to take before the next meeting.

The Action Learning set meets several times, usually once a month.  Between meetings each member undertakes actions and brings the result of their actions back to the group.  Through this cycle of exploration, questioning, call to action, taking action, reflection and analysis the Set members move position, understanding more about the issues they face and ways to re-frame or resolve what they are working on.

It is a process of framing, re-framing, questioning assumptions and perspectives and trying on new perspectives.  It is a process of experimentation and testing.  Being a member of a Set and accountable to a Set means individuals often go deeper into an issue and take more risks and actions than they would do alone.  For many Set members it is a profound experience.  Action Learning is a powerful tool. 

Sets meet for an agreed period usually over 4-6 months.  Sets are limited to 4-8 people and may be face to face or virtual, they last between 2 - 3 hours depending on the number of people in the set.